Indianapolis SEO Experts & Consultants

List of the best Indianapolis SEO experts, and top consultants. Carefully vetted and hand-selected for Indianapolis small businesses.

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Indianapolis SEO Experts & Consultants

Indianapolis—the home of the Indy 500, the Colts and many small businesses looking to grow. SEO services are in high demand in cities like Indianapolis because of their potential to generate leads and acquire new business. We’ve created this list to help business owners find the best local Indianapolis SEO experts when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

Here’s a list of the best SEO experts and consultants in Indianapolis.

Best Indianapolis SEO Experts

Salvatore Surra - Indianapolis SEO Expert

Salvatore Surra

About: Salvatore is an SEO Product Manager at Angie’s List.

Specialties: Salvatore’s specialties mainly reside in technical SEO work, including HTML and Javascript coding. According to his LinkedIn profile, “My knowledge and experience using many CMS platforms, including WordPress, and web developer tools, like Dreamweaver, along with my expert knowledge of web applications, make me ideal to collaborate in any digital department.”

His SEO-related specialties include inbound marketing, technical audits, and link generation. He’s also knowledgeable in useful tools like Google Tag Manager, Moz, Bing Webmaster Tools and Hubspot.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Indianapolis? Salvatore’s digital marketing experience goes back 20+ years, including first-hand experience with the rise of Google. He has experience in a variety of companies and industries, including e-commerce and agencies. He comes well endorsed and highly recommended.

Caleb Dann - Indianapolis SEO Expert

Caleb Dann

About: Caleb works Digital Marketing and SEO at Eli Lilly and Company.

Specialties: Caleb’s experience lies in “over[seeing] search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and implementation for a variety of clients from industries including hotel and hospitality, consumer goods, B2B, and hospitals and healthcare. [He’s] worked closely with social media marketing team members to provide comprehensive digital marketing solutions for online assets.” He’s skilled in “writing page meta tags, including page titles and meta descriptions, optimizing on-page content and investigating and diagnosing site architectural needs.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Indianapolis? Caleb’s experience with all kinds of industries makes him a great choice for a small business. He has knowledge and skill to boost organic traffic and conversions for any business, making him a valuable asset to an SEO team or strategy looking to compete or transition into another area. Caleb is highly knowledgeable in both technical SEO and design SEO.

Ashlee Taylor - Indianapolis SEO Expert

Ashlee Taylor

About: Ashlee is an SEO & SEM Manager at Herff Jones.

Specialties: Ashlee carries a unique specialty by being an expert in both paid search (SEM) and organic search (SEO). Among her record of successes are improved search visibility, increased Google featured snippets (0 to 29 in 2019), keyword monitoring, and search volume tracking. She carries a certification in SEO Toolkit from SEMrush. Ashlee is also proficient in A/B testing to generate the best possible search results from SEO efforts.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Indianapolis? Ashlee’s combined expertise in SEO and SEM allows her the ability to see all possible search engine strategies for business owners. She has also written a Local SEO 101 Playbook for sales partners, proving she has enough expertise to educate others on the process.

Mike Lewis - Indianapolis SEO Expert

Mike Lewis

About: Mike is an SEO Manager at Zacks Investment Research.

Specialties: Mike specializes in strategy and management, according to his LinkedIn profile. Before joining Zacks Investment Research, Mike was an SEO Manager at Swtichfast Technologies. His success with SEO led a client to sign with the agency for all their marketing efforts. Some of his experiences in this field include a focus on increasing organic traffic, lead generation and content strategy. Mike is also highly skilled in the technical aspects of SEO, with training and knowledge with Moz Analytics, Google Analytics, SEMRush, WordPress, and HTML.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Indianapolis? Mike has a combined 10+ years of experience in SEO and digital marketing, including expertise in qualitative and quantitative research. His recommendations solidify his expertise, crediting him with their business’ success in search results.

Best Indianapolis SEO Consultants

Thomas Brodbeck - Indianapolis SEO Consultant

Thomas Brodbeck

About: Thomas is an SEO Associate Manager at Found Search Marketing.

Specialties: Thomas describes himself as having “extensive experience in search engine optimization and digital marketing. [He] helps build successful marketing strategies that drive website traffic and conversions.” Part of his responsibilities at Found Search Marketing include regular SEO site auditing and “on-page optimization techniques, with a strong understanding of how web page content, metadata, internal linking, user experience, and other on-page factors impact SEO performance.” He is also skilled in content strategy, keyword research, basic technical SEO.

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Indianapolis? Thomas boasts an impressive track record of success with SEO efforts throughout his nearly ten-year career. His SEO techniques are valuable to businesses looking to improve their search rankings.

Joshua Roberson - Indianapolis SEO Consultant

Joshua Roberson

About: Joshua is the Founder and CEO of Aligned Right Media.

Specialties: Joshua Roberson specializes in online reputation management through search engine optimization and marketing. Joshua also works as Online Reputation Manager and Web Design Specialist for Indy SEO Firm. As a result, he is highly skilled in technical SEO. His technical SEO specialties include “provid[ing] and present[ing] in-depth research to properly design a strategic marketing campaign to build the foundation for [a] proper internet presence, per client request.” He also specializes in brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue.

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Indianapolis? Joshua’s career has culminated in him founding his SEO consulting firm in attention to his work at Indy SEO. His expertise in web design also adds a special boost to any SEO strategy to create a well-rounded online presence.

Corey Wenger - Indianapolis SEO Consultant

Corey Wenger

About: Corey is a self-employed Digital Marketing and SEO Consultant.

Specialties: Corey Wenger “specialize[s] in leading, managing and optimizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns and website user experiences. [He has] hands-on experience in all areas of SEO and paid search, from strategy development to daily management and optimization.” Corey specializes in Automotive, Engineering, Medical, Optical, Professional Services, Legal, Retail, Manufacturing, Industrial, and University/College industries.

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Indianapolis? As stated on his LinkedIn profile, “as Digital Marketing Manager, [Corey is] known for his collaborative and mentoring leadership style and for building high-performing digital marketing teams.” His experience with SEO goes back for nearly ten years. Many positive recommendations solidify his skills and expertise.

Jason Panyard - Indianapolis SEO Consultant

Jason Panyard

About: Jayson is a self-employed Internet Marketing Specialist and SEO consultant.

Specialties: Jason lists his specialties as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Natural Search Optimization (NSO), digital asset management, link building, keyword research, video optimization, and social media optimization. For the last six years, he has “provide[d] expert advice and assistance in the fields of website search, web display and user functionality, social media development, integration and internet campaigns for both natural and paid search.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Indianapolis? As one of his peers states in his recommendation of him, “Jason is a serious and dedicated professional in his field of expertise. He has the skills to drive any online marketing strategy.” Peers highly recommend and endorse him, with his 10+ years of experience.

Dustin Bow - Indianapolis SEO Consultant

Dustin Bow

About: Dustin is a Senior SEO Manager at PosiRank, LLC.

Specialties: Dustin defines himself as a “Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history (over ten years) of working in the marketing and advertising industry. [He is] skilled in Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid advertising, e-commerce, email marketing, and sales.” At PosiRank, Dustin researched, wrote and built websites “based on the WordPress CMS that have ranked for ROI positive keywords in the $20+ cost per click range.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Indianapolis? As one of Dustin’s many recommendations describes, he is “an SEO expert to the core.” He understands how quality guidelines positively impact an overarching digital strategy. Peers also praise Dustin highly for his expertise in link building.

Amber Warner - Indianapolis SEO Consultant

Amber Warner

About: Amber is an SEO Strategist at Thrive Internet Marketing Agency.

Specialties: Amber writes on her LinkedIn profile: “From creating content strategies and driving website traffic to improve online presence, my background has consistently been characterized by a dedication to building engaging websites that attract traffic and generate leads. I have accrued a proven record in digital marketing and marketing analytics. I also have experience in project management, client communication, planning, analysis, optimization, SEO and email marketing.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Indianapolis? Amber works for one of the leading internet marketing agencies in the midwest. Her experience goes back 10+ years in the world of digital marketing and SEO. And, in addition to her expertise, Amber is said to “consistently go above and beyond to exceed expectations!”


This list was carefully vetted and hand-selected by Aidymar Berrios, CEO of Markitors.

Markitors is an SEO company for small businesses. We have been voted a best place to work three years straight and frequently contribute our thoughts to Forbes, the Business Journal, and other media outlets. If you are interested in learning more about our company and our services, please either contact us, call us at (480) 550-6336, or hit the “Chat Now” button to immediately get connected to a member of our team.

If you have additional recommendations of Indianapolis-based SEO companies, experts, or consultants, you may submit those recommendations through our contact us form.

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