Pet Blog Topics for More Pet Product Sales

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Pet Blog Topics for More Pet Product Sales

The pet industry is booming. In fact, in 2019, Americans spent an incredible $95.7 billion on their pets, including over $36.9 billion on food and treats alone.

Still, the top two pet product companies, Mars Petcare and Netslé Purina, earn over $30 billion of total industry revenue each year. This dominance from the top producers has led to fierce competition in the pet products industry to be the best of the rest.

If you want your pet product business to stand out from the crowd you might consider content marketing. It’s one of the best ways to attract organic traffic to your website and build brand awareness, without paying for advertising.

Of course, creating all of the blogs, videos, infographics, and more required for content marketing can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this article on five pet blog topics that can improve sales to help you get started.

Why is blogging important for pet product companies?

Did you know 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing?

There’s a reason why—it works! Content marketing, and in particular blogging, is the best way to improve your online presence, build brand awareness, and increase your pet product sales.

Whether you want to sell your pet products to businesses or direct to consumers, blogging is a necessary part of your pet product marketing strategy.

It forms the foundation of a digital marketing campaign. You can use your blog content on social media posts, to inform potential customers, and to boost your website’s position on search engine results pages.

So if you want to create an authoritative brand and increase your pet product sales, give blogging a shot, it will be well worth your time.

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Ok so you know blogging is important, but what should you write about?

It can be difficult to find topics for your blog that not only help draw in a human audience, but also help your website rank on search engine results pages for important keywords.

We’ve put together five common industry blog topics that will help you get started with content marketing the right way.


All of the top pet food and pet product sites have an FAQ page on their blog. Here’s an example from Royal Canin, one of the largest pet food producers in the world.

royal caninWith these blogs, top pet product companies are hoping to target what are called featured snippets. Featured snippets appear on Google for question queries. And if you can land a spot in a featured snippet by producing the best possible answer to a commonly asked question, it means your site automatically moves to the top of organic search results.

Here’s an example featured snippet that Purina was able to win for the query ‘how long are cats pregnant?’ that illustrates the value of featured snippets.

cats pregnancy infoPet health

Pet health blogs are a top choice for pet product companies. These blogs allow you to target common pet health-related queries like ‘healthy dog food’, ‘dog throwing up’, and ‘cat not eating” which each receive thousands of searches per month.

Blue Buffalo has an entire section of their blog dedicated to pet health and they were bought out by General Mills for $8 billion back in 2018. If you want that kind of success, it can pay to play “follow the leader”, so to speak.

cats sensitive stomach

Facts and figures

Did you know, according to data from the SEO tool, Ahrefs, the search query ‘cat facts’ gets over 12,000 monthly searches in the US alone?

If you want to target that traffic creating facts and figures blogs is your best option.

Facts and figures blogs are easy to create, look professional, and help increase websites’ organic traffic by targeting the right audience and those high-traffic keywords like ‘cat facts’.

How-to guides

How-to guides are another common pet industry blog topic. Every pet product blog contains some form of how-to guide from industry giants like Purina and Royal Canine to natural dog food companies like Blue Buffalo.

This article from Purina entitled ‘How to Keep Your Dogs Joints Healthy” ranks for over 175 organic keywords and is the perfect introduction to joint health pet products, which means a lot of site visitors can be converted into paying customers.

Debunking industry myths

Articles that debunk industry myths about nutrition, exercise, and more are featured consistently on all the major pet product blogs.

For example, this blog from Purina entitled “Is Grain Good For Dogs” debunks the myth that dogs can’t have grain, and discusses how much is too much. It has received consistent web traffic and appears for over 290 unique, organic keywords within Google’s first 10 pages.

grain food for dogs

Brainstorming tip: Finding pet product blog ideas using Google Trends

Finding pet product blog topics can be a challenge—especially after you’ve been at it for a while. Blogging requires a consistent flow of quality content and that can only come from solid ideas.

One of the best places to find inspiration for those ideas is Google Trends. Google Trends is a free tool that allows users to search common keywords and see a chart of the search traffic for that query.

google trendsOn top of that, there’s a regional keyword prevalence section that is great for businesses looking to target regional populations.

And the related topics and queries section is the ideal spot to find trending blog topics.

related topics

Brainstorming tip: Finding pet product ideas using Google Suggest and People Also Ask

If Google Trends doesn’t lead you to an interesting blog topic, there’s always Google Suggest. Google Suggest, also called autocomplete, is the best way to find quality long-tail keywords that have high commercial intent.

Simply type in a common query and autocomplete shows top queries that complete your phrase.

google best petIf that doesn’t produce results, you can also try using Google’s People Also Ask (PAA) section. The PAA section reveals common question queries that relate to your topic.

best pet food

Best practices for using pet product blogs as a marketing tool

Now that you know what to write about, here are a few tips to help you maximize the value of your blog as a marketing tool.

  • You can’t just make content in the dark. You need an SEO content strategy to target the right audience and keywords. Without well-defined goals and an SEO strategy to accomplish them, a lot of time can be wasted on content that nobody sees. SEO strategies should be defined by in-depth industry research, competitor analysis, and keyword research. That way your content will be tailored to the right audience, giving you a chance to accomplish all your marketing objectives.
  • Content marketing and SEO won’t work overnight. Patience is a virtue—especially in content marketing. Unfortunately getting your content to rank highly in search engine results pages takes time. In fact, according to this article from Forbes, SEO strategies like content marketing can take anywhere from four months to a year to take full effect.
  • Format for a human audience, but keep search engines in mind. Formatting is key to pet product blogs. People looking at pet product blogs want easy to read, informative content with a positive spin. Remember to format for this human audience with pictures, infographics, and bold sections to break up boring block text, but also keep search engines in mind. Using proper H1, H2, and H3 headings, among other formatting techniques, is a great way to make your content more search engine friendly.
  • Without internal linking search engines will struggle to crawl and index your site. When you create a piece of content for your website it should not only contain outbound links to informative, authoritative content for readers, but also inbound links to different pages on your website. This is because Google uses these links to crawl through your website and then index it on search engines.
  • Always share your blog posts on social media. You spent a lot of time and effort creating content, don’t forget to share it. Blog posts are the perfect way to draw people from your social media account to your website and convert them into customers. So remember, sharing is caring.

Need help improving your online presence with content marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to improve a business’ online presence. However, creating content is a time-consuming and often frustrating process that may not be for everyone.

Most pet product businesses just don’t have the time to create the amount of content necessary for an effective marketing campaign. That’s where digital marketing agencies come in.

If you want to get started with digital marketing, but don’t have the time, try our free SEO audit. We’ve compiled 70+ of the top SEO and website review tools on the market to deliver a comprehensive report that can help you decide the best route for your marketing dollar.

From there, just contact us. We’d love to help you get started with content marketing and pet product SEO.

Also, check out our article on Pet Industry Marketing Statistics to Consider for some mind-blowing pet product marketing facts.

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We’re committed to your privacy. Markitors uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy.