Raleigh SEO Experts & Consultants

List of the best Raleigh SEO experts and top consultants. Carefully vetted and hand-selected for Raleigh small businesses.

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#1 SEO Company for Small Businesses.
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Raleigh SEO Experts & Consultants

Raleigh is a beautiful city along the eastern United States coast with a growing small business market and loads of potential. SEO services are in high demand to help these small businesses gain traction. There are several Raleigh SEO experts, and we’ve created this list to help business owners find the best when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

Best Raleigh SEO Experts

Karen Hill - Raleigh SEO Expert

Karen Hill

About: Karen is a Digital Marketer and SEO Specialist for National Home Buyer.

Specialties: Karen was “an active participant in the development of the SEO industry starting in 1996,” according to her LinkedIn profile. She now specializes in SEO training and education in addition to basic SEO services. Additionally, Karen is highly skilled in web development, social media, online video production, and search engine marketing (paid search). She can generate press releases and articles and conduct social media posting and scheduling as a part of her services to create a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Raleigh? Karen has been developing her craft since the early days of search engine optimization. Her experience has encompassed the development of keyword targeting, technical modification and link building. As one of her peers writes, “I’ve never met anyone with more expertise about web sites, search engine optimization (SEO), networking, web site hosting and internet marketing than Karen.”

Ashley Hirt - Raleigh SEO Expert

Ashley Hirt

About: Ashley is an SEO and Content Strategy Manager at Sports Endeavors.

Specialties: “Cranking out optimized content is what I do best – from blogs to buying guides,” Ashley writes on her LinkedIn profile. “You’ll find me sprinkling content sparingly with keywords, and blending it with a whole lot of educational facts and entertainment. I’ve transitioned from agency public relations to SEO copywriting and content marketing. Each role helped prepare me to think beyond SEO and how every action I take will impact the site architecture and the end user’s experience.” Her previous roles include nearly two years as an SEO Analyst at Ulta Beauty, where she oversaw the technical and content strategies. Industries Ashley is familiar with are e-commerce, higher education, B2C and B2B.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Raleigh? Ashley’s career in SEO spans nearly ten years and includes some notable names, like Ulta Beauty. She is familiar with a variety of popular SEO tools, including Google Analytics, SEMrush and Majestic. Peer recommendations on her LinkedIn profile also solidify Ashley’s SEO expertise.

Matt Caramenico - Raleigh SEO Expert

Matt Caramenico

About: Matt is the Head of SEO at Advance Auto Parts.

Specialties: According to his LinkedIn profile, Matt “is a Digital Strategy professional and Innovation driver solving operational, logistical, brand management, organic growth, CRO, and all things e-commerce for companies of all sizes throughout the last decade. Matthew has a proven track record implementing massive change, driving double-digit traffic and profit growth through highly defined strategic game plans boiled down to implementable tactics that map to eCommerce KPIs.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Raleigh? Matthew describes a multi-faceted approach to his SEO expertise that includes data aggregation and web design. His experience, both as an analyst and manager, has helped him develop a profoundly successful track record.

Tom Dwyer - Raleigh SEO Expert

Tom Dwyer

About: Tom is the Vice President of SEO and Enterprise Marketing at Bank of America.

Specialties: Tom Dwyer is “a dedicated and decisive technology leader with nearly 20 years of experience that includes VP level roles at both fast-growing startups and Fortune 100 companies. [His] expertise includes technical project management, search engine optimization strategy, digital marketing, startup operations, and product management. Over [his] career, [he has] maintained hands-on abilities while in strategic roles, and built and led technical teams to execute those strategies.” Some of his key SEO skills are keyword research, landing page optimization, A/B testing and bidding strategies.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Raleigh? Tom’s experience with both startups and large corporations give him unique insight into SEO’s capabilities. With strategies and expertise in both markets, Tom can provide small businesses a real chance to compete with the big names within search engine results.

Best Raleigh SEO Consultants

Jake Bohall - Raleigh SEO Consultant

Jake Bohall

About: Jake is the Co-Founder of Hive Digital, Inc.

Specialties: Before founding Hive Digital, Jake worked as a freelance SEO strategist and SEO instructor. According to him, his specialties are “SEO, CPC, product feed development, web application development, business strategy development, public speaking, server administration, business model development and consultation, discovery and implementation of technology solutions.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Raleigh? Not only does Jake have over ten years of SEO experience, but he shares that experience through SEO training courses and speaking engagements for consumer and industry education. He also boasts over 100 endorsements for his SEO and related skills.

Jeff Cohen - Raleigh SEO Consultant

Jeff Cohen

About: Jeff is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Hive Digital, Inc.

Specialties: Before joining Hive Digital, Jeff Cohen worked for Seer Interactive and Universal Orlando Resort doing SEO work. He has “14 years experience in digital marketing including SEO, SEM, display, social media, client consultation and project management.” Also listed on his LinkedIn profile is the ability to “conduct in-depth content gap analyses, competitive & audience analysis, keyword research, and SERP landscape analysis.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Raleigh? Jeff has years of managerial SEO experience and leadership skills that make him an excellent choice for an SEO consultant. A couple of glowing reviews don’t hurt, either.

Brian Gorman - Raleigh SEO Consultant

Brian Gorman

About: Brian is the Director of SEO at Go Fish Digital.

Specialties: Brian specializes primarily in technical SEO currently, with skills in Python, RegEx, HTML/CSS, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify and Magento. His experience also includes ROI Revolution, Inc. and Hive Digital. Throughout his career, Brian has shown a dedication to continued learning and results. While at Hive Digital, Brian specialized in backlink analysis, removing over 30 Google penalties for clients.

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Raleigh? Brian is one of the best because of his evident dedication to his craft and 6+ years of experience. According to one recommendation, Brain is not one to shy away from a challenge and was able to solve core issues with exact, cohesive solutions that are still in use years after moving on from the company.

Ryan Shevin - Raleigh SEO Consultant

Ryan Shevin

About: Ryan is the Director of SEO and Digital PR at TRANZACT.

Specialties: According to his LinkedIn profile, Ryan has “eight years of enterprise & mid-market experience. [He has a] proven track record with both B2B & B2C client accounts across lead generation and e-commerce.” Ryan’s specialties are search, analytics and content marketing. He also has a history of specializing in technical SEO. One notable accomplishment is having drove a “150% YoY organic traffic growth in the first year.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Raleigh? Ryan shows a clear understanding of the importance of SEO and how to utilize organic search to improve a business’s online presence. He experience also spans across several industries, including small business, e-commerce and healthcare.

Paul Krellwitz - Raleigh SEO Consultant

Paul Krellwitz

About: Paul is the Director of SEO at Acronym.

Specialties: As Director of SEO, Paul Krellwitz “provide[s] guidance to internal teams and clients on the development of long term SEO strategies and tactics to execute. [He] oversee[s] accurate on-time completion of all client-facing deliverables to include: Industry POVs, scheduled performance reports, on-page recommendations, Adhoc deliverables and research/analysis, client education/training materials.”

In past positions, Paul has specialized in page speed, on-page structure/architecture, social media, linking and competitive analysis. Currently, he specializes in SEO, social media strategy and implementation, web analytics and management and on and off-page best practices.

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Raleigh? Paul’s 18 years of experience in both B2B and B2C markets makes him a valuable SEO resource for small businesses looking to improve their reach online.

Allison Rankin - Raleigh SEO Consultant

Allison Rankin

About: Allison is a freelance SEO Consultant with prior experience at Resolution Media and Cutting Edge Information.

Specialties: Allison Rankin lists her specialties on her LinkedIn profile as account management and CRM, SEO and social media marketing, B2B and B2C, online advertising, sponsorships and event marketing. Something unique about Allison is that she also specializes in sports marketing. Before freelancing, Allison worked at Resolution Media, Cutting Edge Information and Triangle Direct Media in SEO roles.

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Raleigh? Allison has spent over ten years crafting her SEO skills. Her freelance work means she sees a variety of clients from several industries and of various sizes. This vast expertise makes her a great choice for small businesses looking for options in strategy.


This list was carefully vetted and hand-selected by Aidymar Berrios, a Digital PR Intern at Markitors.

Markitors is an SEO company for small businesses. We have been voted a best place to work three years straight and frequently contribute our thoughts to Forbes, the Business Journal, and other media outlets. If you are interested in learning more about our company and our services, please either contact us, call us at (480) 550-6336, or hit the “Chat Now” button to immediately get connected to a member of our team.

If you have additional recommendations of Raleigh-based SEO experts or consultants, you may submit those recommendations through our contact us form.

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