Seattle SEO Experts & Consultants

List of the best Seattle SEO experts, and top consultants. Carefully vetted and hand-selected for Seattle small businesses.

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#1 SEO Company for Small Businesses.
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Seattle SEO Experts & Consultants

Seattle is a growing destination for small businesses, nestled in the scenery of the Pacific Northwest, and demand for SEO services is growing along with them. But what are some things to look for in SEO experts? We’ve created this list to help business owners find the best when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

Take a look at our list of the top SEO experts and consultants in Seattle.

Best Seattle SEO Experts

George Freitag - Seattle SEO Expert

George Freitag

About: George is an SEO Growth Manager at Indeed.

Specialties: Before joining Indeed, George found SEO experience in freelance and agency work. George writes on his LinkedIn profile, “I work with all types of businesses to help them get more out of their website. I have lots of experience in search engine optimization (SEO) but also spend time in social media, web analytics, web development, conversion optimization and all the other trendy terms used in Internet Marketing.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Seattle? George has lots of SEO experience spanning over ten years, including a year at Moz, a leader in Search Engine Optimization education and tools. His skills also come heavily endorsed with recommendations emphasizing his insights and SEO knowledge.

Dave Niebuhr - Seattle SEO Expert

Dave Niebuhr

About: Dave is the Director of SEO at Zumper.

Specialties: Dave is highly skilled in SEO, with several managers- and director-level positions in his impressive list of experience going back 15+ years, including work on the technical side of the SEO. Dave lists his specialties on LinkedIn as SEO, SEO strategies, SEO development requirements, SEO education, data analysis, SQL, online marketing, PPC, display, web site production, web technologies, A/B testing, multivariate testing, video and YouTube traffic optimization.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Seattle? With 100+ endorsements in SEO and related skills, as well as 30+ recommendations from colleagues, Dave’s impact and expert knowledge are undeniable. Not to mention—he expresses his ongoing efforts to keep learning new things about digital marketing and improving his skills.

Tyer Tanigawa - Seattle SEO Expert

Tyler Tanigawa

About: Tyler is a Senior SEO Manager at T-Mobile.

Specialties: Tyler’s history in SEO includes several companies, including LA Dezign, Wpromote, Point It and T-Mobile. In every role, Tyler demonstrates a thorough understanding of SEO and its applications to different industries with proven results and improvements as a result of SEO efforts. His skills include global SEO strategy and implementation and managing vendor and agency relationships. Tyler has also been able to prove an increase in organic traffic and leads during his time in every position. Among his specialties, a background in technical SEO.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Seattle? Tyler’s vast experience in mid- and high-level SEO positions displays a true understanding of SEO and its role in business. With results such as increasing SAP Concur’s YoY Organic Traffic by 54%, it is easy to see why he is listed as a top SEO expert.

Michael Kim - Seattle SEO Expert

Michael Kim

About: Michael is a Senior SEO Manager of Azure and Brand Content Studio at Microsoft.

Specialties: Michael has worked in manager- and director-level SEO positions for 15+ years, including time at well-known brands like Sears and Microsoft. According to his LinkedIn profile, his skills include SEM, SEO, digital marketing, analytics, PPC and many more. His work also contains on-page optimization with front-end code analysis, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, keyword research, content marketing and more. Michael carries results such as an organic traffic increase of 60-80% YoY while at

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Seattle? Despite having experience in large corporations, Michael has also worked in small and mid-size businesses assisting in their SEO strategy to help them reach their target audiences online. His managerial and directorial experiences make him an excellent choice for an SEO expert.

Jennifer Mathews - Seattle SEO Expert

Jennifer Mathews

About: Jennifer is an SEO Manager at GitHub.

Specialties: Jennifer describes her background on her LinkedIn profile as: “Experience with in-house enterprise SEO with extensive technical SEO knowledge. Proven track record of drafting, championing and implementing SEO strategy aligning with business goals.

Experience with: Microsoft suite, Google suite, Adobe suite, SEMRush, Authority Labs, Xenu, Deepcrawl, Screamingfrog, Botify, Google Search Console, Conductor, Brightedge, Keylime, Lighthouse, Yelp, Google My Business, Yext, Rio, SweetIQ Tableau, Coremetrics, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, XML.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Seattle? Jennifer successfully championed SEO with a global organization as a priority for 2020 and led a reduction in technical SEO issues by upwards of 30% in six months. She also directed her SEO team in e-Commerce, generating $1.5B, contributing to 30% of the business. Her abilities as both an SEO expert and a leader make it challenging to wonder why she would not make it on this list.

Tracey Nero - Seattle SEO Expert

Tracey Nero

About: Tracey is a Senior SEO Manager at GoDaddy.

Specialties: Before her position at GoDaddy, Tracey was previously Lead SEO at Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft. She has 19+ years’ online experience specializing in providing technical, editorial and strategic SEO guidance.

She writes on her LinkedIn profile: “My knowledge and experience aid in the development and implementation of integral search strategies, collection of data for reporting and defining requirements for tool development and integration for custom publishing platforms for online businesses to build Marketing from enterprise to small size companies.”

Her specialties include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in-house SEO tools and reporting development, online strategy and planning. Additionally, she is knowledgeable in editorial and technical search marketing training and documentation, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and web analytics. Her experience is in B2B and B2C industries.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Seattle? Tracey boasts extensive knowledge in all aspects of SEO with a proven record of results. One recommendation describes her impact: “she improved our search referrals from Google by over 40% in less than three months with just a few key changes. Bing used to be our main referral. Now, Google is, and our overall site visits increased by nearly 150,000 visits/month.”

Best Seattle SEO Consultants

Kenny Spotz - Seattle SEO Consultant

Kenny Spotz

About: Kenny is the Lead SEO at Victorious.

Specialties: Formerly an SEO Specialist at V Digital Services and Digital Marketing Analyst at Mt Baker Vapor, Kenny has a proven history of solid SEO experience with results. Among his many specialties and skills besides SEO are content strategy and Google Analytics, which allow for a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. His experience includes overseeing search engine optimization and website conversions for small, medium and large scale businesses. This includes optimizing web content for sales, user experience, and SEO. He also creates “relevant and highly engaging content for all aspects of the business to reach target audiences.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Seattle? Under Kenny’s guidance for website analysis and optimization, Victorious SEO won Search Engine Land’s 2018 SEO Agency of the Year. This, coupled with endorsements and complimentary recommendations, Kenny is a great choice for your SEO needs.

Jacob Klein - Seattle SEO Consultant

Jacob Klein

About: Jacob is the Co-Founder and Principal SEO Consultant of Nothing Proprietary.

Specialties: Jacob co-founded a digital marketing consultancy that focuses on technical SEO, content marketing and organic growth. He also founded another company “to house and operate several of my ongoing web projects and SEO consulting work. [He] also provides digital marketing consultation for a diverse set of clients looking to build their online presence by utilizing several marketing skillsets but most notable for expertise with advanced analytics, e-commerce, brand development, large-scale creative pieces and advanced technical SEO solutions.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Seattle? Jacob has worked in a variety of industries, including freelance and real estate, according to his LinkedIn profile. His experience gives Jacob the ability to think creatively and earn a positive reputation in the field of SEO.

Charles Sipe - Seattle SEO Consultant

Charles Sipe

About: Charles is a freelance SEO specialist.

Specialties: According to Charles, he is a “search engine optimization analyst in Seattle with eight years of managing successful SEO campaigns in several different industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, software, and IT.” His specialties include SEO, link building, content marketing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery and WordPress.

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Seattle? Charles has a proven track record of success with SEO initiatives detailed in his LinkedIn profile. He also has a variety of experiences as a result of freelance work. Charles displays an understanding of how SEO can be beneficial to all kinds of industries and sizes of business.

Brittany Nowlin - Seattle SEO Consultant

Brittany Nowlin

About: Brittany is the Director of SEO at R2integrated.

Specialties: Before joining R2integrated as Director of SEO, Brittany was an SEO Account Manager at Merkle, where she was instrumental in creating and executing organic search strategies. Before that, she was a Senior Client Advocate at Yahoo! Search Marketing, working with paid search and display marketing.

Brittany describes herself as having “over ten years of experience in digital marketing as well as a degree in Marketing Communications from Southern Oregon University. I am an SEO expert with extensive knowledge of technical SEM, campaign management and data-driven analysis.”

Her specialties include marketing strategies, SEO, presentation design, market research, market trends, client service, search engine marketing and pay-per-click.

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Seattle? Brittany’s background includes both traditional and technical SEO throughout her career. Also, she has several positive recommendations from colleagues praising her work and results. Among these are detailed examples of her success with SEO with years of experience.


This list was carefully vetted and hand-selected by Aidymar Berrios, Digital PR Intern at Markitors.

Markitors is an SEO company for small businesses. We have been voted a best place to work three years straight and frequently contribute our thoughts to Forbes, the Business Journal, and other media outlets. If you are interested in learning more about our company and our services, please either contact us, call us at (480) 550-6336, or hit the “Chat Now” button to immediately get connected to a member of our team.

If you have additional recommendations of Seattle-based SEO experts or consultants, you may submit those recommendations through our contact us form.

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