Should I Hire A SEO Company Or A SEO Specialist?

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should i hire a seo company or a seo specialist

Are you asking yourself, “Should I hire a SEO company or a SEO specialist to move my business forward?” We have outlined the rundown of each option for you so you can best choose what fits your business.

Take a look at the differences between hiring an SEO agency and hiring an in-house SEO specialist.

Should I Hire A SEO Company Or A SEO Specialist?

Why An SEO Company Might Be Your Best Bet

All in all, you will pay less and gain more by hiring an SEO company rather than enlisting the help of an in-house SEO specialist.

If you have fewer than 20 employees at your organization, we would discourage you from hiring a full-time marketing person. However, we encourage you to hire an SEO marketing agency like Markitors.. Here’s why:
1. Expertise & Results.
Entry-level marketing employees don’t have the experience with the wide variety of platforms to distribute marketing messages – email, SEO, pay per click (PPC), social media and website maintenance. On the other hand, agencies do.
2. Cost.
To hire an in-house SEO specialist, it will cost you about $40,000 in annual salary, plus employer taxes, benefits, etc. The average annual cost for Markitors clients amounts to more than a third of the cost you would pay for a full-time employee.
3. Hassle.
Recruiting is hard. Onboarding is time-consuming. Filing new hire paperwork is tedious. Hiring an agency to handle your SEO marketing is effortless. You say go, and we’ll do the rest!

Hiring An In-House SEO Specialist vs. Hiring An Agency

If you’re still asking yourself, “Should I hire a SEO company or a SEO specialist?” it’s important to weigh your options. Do you have the resources to pay a full-time specialist? An agency like Markitors saves you money and applies the same personal, informed touch to your SEO marketing as a specialist would.

We offer a comprehensive SEO strategy to help guide you through your decision. Whether you need effective SEO lead generation, SEO copywriting, long tail SEO keyword research, an SEO audit and website review, WordPress website development, or a SEO content marketing strategy, Markitors has you covered.

An SEO agency also has a colorful variety of experience across a wide range of industries, from an Arizona Charter School to an industrial recycling company. Thus, a SEO marketing agency such as Markitors would be most quickly equipped to handle your SEO needs. Not to mention—there would be no time-consuming training required if you hired an agency.

An SEO specialist does the same things an agency does, but usually with a less experienced background and perhaps with more downtime at the office (therefore draining your funds). An agency’s team is constantly working across several industries and seeing what works best for your particular business.

Do you need more help answering “Should I hire a SEO company or a SEO specialist?” Let us know! For all your SEO marketing needs, contact Markitors.

Markitors is a digital marketing company that moves small businesses forward online. We offer full service digital marketing services including SEOemail marketingsocial media marketingpay per click management, and website development.

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